Research & Results

What Forty Years of Research Says About the Impact of Technology on Learning : A Second-Order Meta-Analysis and Validation Study

Rana M. Tamim, Robert M. Bernard, Eugene Borokhovski, Philip C. Abrami and Richard F. Schmid


Boston College’s inTasc group conducts baseline survey of all Natick 7th graders (first class to enjoy 1:1 computing in 2011-12 school year)


“Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement,” The Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment, Boston College
Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement article

North Carolina State Laptop Implementation Study

Denver, CO Laptop Implementation Study
denver 1 to 1 study

State of Maine’s Middle School Writing Program: Using Laptops to Create Better Writers

Article:  “10 years after laptops come to Maine Schools, educators say technology levels the playing field for students

FL Review State National Laptop Initiative

MacArthur Foundation on Digital Learning

Summary of the MacArthur Report

Project RED, International Society for Technology Education report
ISTE 2010 Presentation v2-1

US Department of Education Study/Summary of Effectiveness of Online Education

US Department of Education: Blue Print for Reform
esea blueprint for reform-2

Center for Digital Education: Complete Guide to 1:1 Computing
completeguideto1-1computingin k-12

Research on Online Reading Comprehension and Learning Environments/New Skills for Students
New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension, Leu et. al, University of Connecticut
Leu et al Final Single Spaced
On 21st Century Teaching and Learning

On Blended Learning and Current Learning Environments
Exploration of online learning and At-Risk Learners (International Association for K-12 Learning)

The Importance of Information Literacy Skill in Middle School
The importance of Information Literacy Skills in the Middle School Curriculum


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