Training & Learning: For Parents & Students



  1. Resources for Parents:

    Videos to watch and discuss with your children:

  2. Please make sure that ergonomic training is included in the training sessions for teachers, parents, and students. If everyone at levels aren’t aware of the risks and guidelines, kids can develop serious health problems! It should be part of the every day conversation, just as other guidelines are. Thanks.

  3. Can the parent/guardian attend any of the 4 training sessions or only one held at their child’s school?

    (9/15, 8:30am and 9/20, 7:00pm at Wilson; 9/16, 8:30am and 9/19, 7:00pm Kennedy)

    • Yes, attend any one of the 4!

  4. Do we need to notify the school of the date that we are attending. Who does the student need to inform that they are attending as well?

    • We are taking attendance upon your arrival.

  5. 9/23/11 Time Machine won’t open for initial backup without an admin password….Is this something the school does online or something that needs to be done for each laptop?

  6. The handbook clearly states that the laptops can back up via Time Machine and that instructions will be provided (not that I need them having set this up for all our other computers), but I looked thru the handbook and this site and do not see any special Wilson setup instruction and, as the previous entry states this needs admin access to setup!! Additionally our printers are accessed thru our wireless network (not via usb) but once again I need admin access in order to get the printer setup (either thru usb or network)!

    I think this program is wonderful, and from a support standpoint I understand why the devices have been locked down, but as a computer support professional I am finding the restrictions very frustrating. Is there some way to give me admin access to my daughters computer so I can get these services setup for her?

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